Message from Founder & Executive Director: Bernadette Mazurek Melnyk

Given the current challenging situation of our U.S. healthcare system with the number of errors, preventable complications and wasteful healthcare spending, there is an urgent need to accelerate and sustain evidence-based practice across the nation.

Message from Senior Director: Lynn Gallagher-Ford

Evidence-based practice (EBP) is an approach to decision making that brings evidence, clinical expertise and patient preferences together to drive best patient care as well as clinician engagement and satisfaction.


This unique program provides a deep-dive immersion into evidence-based practice as well as effective strategies for integrating and sustaining EBP into clinical and/or academic organizations of any size or level of complexity. If you are looking for a single program to ignite and sustain the EBP shift in your organization, click below for more information.

Online programs

Online Modular EBP Program

This online program is available for individuals who are interested in enhancing their EBP knowledge, skills and attitudes. In addition, organizations can implement the modular program as an inter-professional annual competency to promote, build, enhance and sustain a culture of evidence-based practice.

19 Jun

Webinar EBP

This is a member-only event.

08 Jul

5-Day Immersion with National VA

This is a closed event.

Phone: (614) 688-1175